Any child under the age of 16 is eligible for the Phoenix Academy Achievement Stripe Program.  We want to not only improve your BJJ technique and physical abilities, we strive to help you develop into well-rounded young adults and positive influences in your community.

We now offer 4 Achievement stripes that will be placed on the left side of your belt (the side that does not have the black).

The BLUE stripe will symbolize the commitment you have towards your academic studies.  To earn this stripe you must be on Honor Roll, Principal’s List, or a similar achievement. Bring in your report card or award to be presented with this stripe.  If your grades begin to fall or your parents report missing school work, you will lose your blue stripe.

The RED stripe will represent your commitment to bettering your BJJ and athletic abilities.  To earn this stripe you must attend a minimum of 8 Jiu Jitsu classes a month.  Don’t worry, we like to take vacations too, a family vacation will not cause you to lose your stripe.

The GREEN stripe will show your commitment to your community.  By performing community service at school, church or anywhere you choose, will earn you the GREEN stripe.  You may only earn your GREEN stripe once per belt.

The YELLOW stripe belongs to those who show leadership.  A leader is honest, hard working and helps his/her peers. By keeping your peers on track in training and helping those around you, you can earn your YELLOW stripe.  Students who are disruptive during class will not earn their YELLOW stripe or could lose their YELLOW stripe if they had earned it previously. Dishonesty in the Academy or at home will cause you to lose your YELLOW stripe.

The PURPLE stripe is challenging to earn. It is accomplished through the Ambassador Program over time and hard work. It depicts the awareness of a student’s hard work ethic, ability, leadership, and discipline for one’s self and others success.

REMEMBER… These stripes are earned but can be lost if you do not keep to the requirements for the stripe.  These requirements do not begin and end at the Academy’s door, your behavior at home and school will affect your Achievement Stripes.