Flower Sweep From Closed Guard


This month Kevin shows you the flower sweep from professor Caio Terra’s modern bjj fundamentals curriculum.  This technique is taught in our Fundamentals bjj class in the closed guard unit.  The flower sweep is a high percentage closed guard sweep requiring very little energy or strength to execute.  Below are the key steps to properly execute the technique:

Goodyear Brazilian Jiu jitsu flower sweep from closed guard by kevin scott

Flower Sweep Key Steps

  1. First break the opponents posture down to free the fabric of their pant leg.
  2. Grab one pant leg at the lowest point on the pants with an underhand grip
  3. Control the opposite sleeve of the pant leg you grabbed
  4. Kick your leg on side of controlled pant leg to your face knocking opponent forward
  5. Now use kicking leg to push opponent over towards side of trapped arm
  6. Take the mount position