New 5 PM Boxing/Kickboxing Classes with Elena “Baby Doll” Reid and Ray “Ipswitch Cobra” Steinbeiss

Starting this week we will be adding a 5pm boxing/kickboxing class Monday through Thursday taught by Elena “Baby Doll” Reid and her husband Ray “Ipswitch Cobra” Steinbeiss.  This class will accept students 14 years of age and older and will focus on teaching the best of boxing and kickboxing.  Elena “Baby Doll” Reid was the IFBA and WIBA Flyweight Boxing Champion of the world as well as the Sovereign Nations MMA Flyweight champion.  Ray “Ipswitch Cobra” Steinbeiss was a professional mma fighter that has fought for major organizations such as the IFL and Bodog.  Come in and learn from some of the best striking coaches around!

Kids Competition Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Starting this week we will have a kids competition class every Monday night from 6pm-7pm taught by our head bjj instructor Kevin Scott.  This class is invitation only and focuses on helping our more advanced children learn tournament techniques and strategies to prepare for the upcoming competitions.  If your child is interested in participating in this class please contact coach Kevin to see if they are eligible.







Kids Kickboxing Class Switch and Adult MMA Class Switch

Starting this week there has been a minor switch in our 5pm kids schedule.  Kids kickboxing classes will now be Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm, Kids BJJ is now Monday and Friday at 5pm, and kids judo is still wednesdays at 5pm.  So when you come tomorrow please remember to bring your gi for bjj practice! Please view our schedule to see the switch.

Starting this week we will also be making changes to our 7pm muay thai classes and 8pm mma classes.  From now on MMA class will be every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm-8pm and Muay Thai Kickboxing class will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8pm.  There will no longer be any 8pm classes. Please view our schedule to see the switch.