Morning BJJ Fundamentals Classes!

We are looking to add a morning brazilian jiu jitsu fundamentals class to our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.  Please take the survey below to help us decide on the time these classes should be scheduled.

New MMA Cardio Fitness Classes

This September we will be adding a MMA Cardio Fitness class to our schedule Monday through Friday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  This class will be focused on helping people lose weight, gain strength, increase mobility, and improve their health in a fun class.  Train the way fighters train without getting hit!

Kids BJJ Belt Promotion Ceremony on September 4


We will be holding belt promotions for our kids brazilian jiu jitsu class on Wednesday, September 4.  We will be promoting over 16 children and handing out multiple stripes.  Please try to attend this if you can!

BJJ Competition Team Open to Outside Schools!

With the Master/Seniors and No-Gi worlds coming up Phoenix BJJ & MMA Academy would like to invite other schools from Arizona to stop in and train with us in our competition team classes over the next 2 months on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm and Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00-10:00am. We are a no politics, open door school. Our main goal is to grow the sport of brazilian jiu jitsu and help our students become the best they can be. The only requirement is that you are a blue belt or above and you must train the entire practice with us unless you are injured or there is an emergency. If you are a white belt, but come from a no-gi background or high level wrestling background and want to train with us contact our head instructor Kevin Scott for permission to attend. There is no drop in fee to come to the competition team with us. Lets work together to bring home multiple World titles to Arizona this year!!!

NAGA Arizona Results


This past weekend we sent a team to compete in NAGA Arizona at Phoenix College.  As a team CTA sent 13 competitors and brought home 17 medals.  Our academy sent 7 competitors and brought home 9 medals including 3 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals.  Here are the results below:

  • Korey Kerber: 2nd place in the adult No-Gi beginner division
  • Kris Coyne: 1st place in the Masters No-Gi beginner division and 2nd Place int he Masters beginner Gi division
  • Joshua Duncan:  1st place in the juvenile No-Gi beginner division and 3rd place in the juvenile No-Gi intermediate division
  • Caleb Baker:  3rd place in the adult intermediate No-Gi division
  • CJ Sullivan:  1st place in the adult beginner No-Gi division
  • Adrian Walsh: 2nd place in the kids no-gi novice division
  • Kevin Scott:  2nd place in the adult no-gi 190-199.9 lbs expert division