New Schedule Is Out


After testing out different classes and getting feedback from our members we have created our final schedule. We had to remove the kids 3-5 year old BJJ classes due to a conflict with our boxing classes. Our BJJ fundamentals classes have merged with our all levels BJJ classes as well. We have noticed it works better to incorporate fundamentals into the all levels class to keep everyone sharp. Even the most advanced bjj practitioner will tell you the fundamentals are the most important part of their skill sets. Now all members from beginner to advanced will always get some practice on their fundamental skills. The classes will now start with a position we will study for 1-2 weeks. We will start with the fundamentals of that position and then build to the more advanced options throughout the 1-2 week course. We’ve noticed this system seems to work the best for everyone. The final change you will see is we have changed Saturday’s judo class to a takedown class without the gi and our Saturday bjj class has changed to a bjj open mat. On weekends we will be competing as a team the Saturday class will change to open mat from 11-1pm.

New Equipment Packages


We have been working with Revgear and Gameness to create some equipment packages for all of our members.  We will have a beginner’s and advanced bjj and Kickboxing/boxing package as well as a kids boxing and women’s boxing package.  We are working on final pricing now with the companies and will post these packages in the next few days.  These packages will save you a significant amount of money and have everything you need for classes.  All of our classes are growing and we are beginning have more members than gear you can borrow.  Remember all members are supposed to supply their own boxing/kickboxing gear and BJJ students need to have their own gi by the end of their first month.

Free Gameness Air Gi with 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 years, & Lifetime Memberships


Anyone that signs up for a 6 month, 1 year, 2, year, or lifetime membership paid in full up front will receive a Gameness Air Gi (your choice of white, blue, or black).  Remember to get this deal you need to pay for your membership up front.  The cost on our 6 month up front membership is currently $510, our 12 month up front membership is $900, our 2 year up front membership is $1200 (only 3 of these left), and our Lifetime membership is $2500 (only 1 of these left).  On top of that these memberships will save you on your equipment purchases.  6 month memberships will save you 5% off all equipment you purchase through us, the 12 month membership will save you 10%, the 2 year membership will save you 20%, and lifetime members get equipment at our wholesale cost.

Upcoming Tournaments


We have 3 tournaments coming up in the next few weeks.  April 21st is the Kids Cup in Mesa, AZ at Westwood High School.  You must pre-register for this tournament by April 16. The Phoenix Open is the following weekend on April 28th at Phoenix College.  You must pre-register for this event by April 20th. Then, Naga Arizona will be the following weekend on May 5th at Phoenix College. Pre-registration is not required for this event but you get a t-shirt if you pre-register by April 27th.