Website Updates!!!

We apologize for being so behind on our website updates.  You have probably noticed we have rebuilt our website with a more modern theme and easier navigation.  This project has taken awhile and we fell behind on our updates.  So this post will hopefully catch everyone up to speed.

Caio Terra Association bursts onto the AZ Tournament Scene!!!

This year Caio Terra Association Arizona has brought on another affiliate, Jay Pages BJJ & MMA!  With this additional affiliate we have been able to send large numbers of competitors to the local tournaments and brought back multiple team trophies.  So far this year CTA has taken home the 3rd place overall adult trophy at the AZ BJJ International Open, the 1st place adult overall trophy at the NABJJF Grand Canyon Open, the 4th place overall adult trophy at the Arizona BJJ State Championships, and the 3rd place overall kids trophy at the Arizona BJJ State Championships.  We hope to finish out the year by bringing 1 more trophy home from the Arizona 6th Southwest BJJ Classic!

Gym Changes!!!

Phoenix BJJ & MMA Academy has been growing very quicklyrapidly and we have made a few changes to accommodate the incredible growth.  We have expanded our mat space from 3400 sq ft to 4000 sq ft!  We have also installed all new shelving to hold members shoes and gym bags while they are training.  Tyler was nice enough to paint a few more nice logos on our wall.  We added 5 more muay thai bag racks. We have separated the Muay Thai and BJJ Fundamentals class times to make more room for both classes to grow.  We are in the process of integrating an electronic check in system to track attendance of our members.  We are also in the process of installing a changing room so the bathrooms do not get as congested with people trying to change.  Lastly we added 2 more kids bjj classes for the more advanced kids in our program!