Without discipline, there’s no mastery. These guidelines have been created to ensure everyone’s safety on and off the mat; and to maximize the learning experience for everyone.

  1. Check your ego when you walk through the door. The academy is a place for all to grow. Be respectful.
  2. It is your responsibility to check in at the front desk and record your attendance.
  3. New students may attend BJJ classes without the gi during the trial period. A gi must be worn to attend all gi classes.
  4. During the trial period, students should wear a t-shirt or rash guard and gym shorts. No clothing with sharp edges or zippers. All clothing during the trial period should be free from pockets on the shirt or shorts to prevent injuries to fingers and toes. No jewelry.
  5. All shoes, bags, and training gear should be kept on the shelves. No gear allowed in walkways or on the benches. The academy is not responsible for personal items.
  6. A shirt, rash guard and shorts are required at all times within the academy during all classes.
  7. Change in one of our two bathrooms or your designated area.
  8. If you need to check your weight for tournaments or competition, use the scale in the bathroom.
  9. If you are late to class please ask the instructor for permission before entering the mat area.
  10. Please do not talk while the instructor is teaching. You may talk during technique training or sparring but please keep it related to class and please continue to train while talking.
  11. No foul language in the academy.
  12. If a student disrupts a class repeatedly they may be asked to leave. If disruptions continue; we reserve the right to cancel the membership.
  13. No cell phones, tablets or electronic devices in training area unless they are being used for learning purposes.
  14. No video recording. Only academy staff can record instructional techniques and rolling.
  15. No food or drinks on the mats.
  16. Never step on the mats with shoes or sandals.
  17. If you leave the mat area to use the bathroom, or go outside, wear sandal or shoes so you do not track bacteria onto the mat. No bare feet in bathrooms or walkways.
  18. Good hygiene required. This means students should have clean uniforms, trimmed fingernails and toenails, and clean skin. This is a safety precaution to help prevent bacteria from getting on the mats or infecting other members.
  19. Any altercations within the Academy will be handled by Academy Management.
  20. All students should refer to their instructors as Coach.
  21. Children should not leave the mat area without asking permission of the instructor during class.
  22. Instructors and Academy Management will endeavor to match students of like size, age and/or ability.
  23. Absolutely no coaching your children or other students during class unless you are asked to help by one of the coaches.
  24. Children not attending a supervised class must be seated off the mats in the designated bench area with their parent or guardian.
  25. All kids will line up against the black, padded wall or designated area and wait for the Coach/Instructor. No unsupervised events or games allowed. This is an Academy not a playground.
  26. No hitting the mat or storming off if you are submitted. Tapping out is a part of the learning process and you will do it 1000’s of times during your time training. Instead, ask your partner how they caught you and work on not giving up the same submission.
  27. You are expected to purchase your own BJJ, kickboxing, and any needed class gear. Please check at the front desk for special Academy pricing.
  28. Review the calendar, bulletin board, posted notices, newsletters and visit the News section of our website at least once a week. Our Facebook page always has important posts also.
  29. Students should come into the Academy humble and ready to learn.