The coaches are top notch & extremely welcoming…

We have been with Phoenix BJJ & MMA/Atos West Phoenix Academy for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier! My son competes in jiu-jitsu tournament’s and with the help of his coaches & training partners he is having the best season yet all while having fun!

The coaches are top notch & extremely welcoming which really makes you feel at home. The variety & flexibility in the jiu-jitsu & kickboxing schedule is a huge plus when trying to fit training into our busy everyday lives. Another huge plus is the wide variety of training partners on the mat at any given time, from beginners wanting to learn something new to the more technical competitor trying to hone their skills, all of which gives the ability to be challenged and grow.

Our goal was to find an academy that will reinforce our family values, teach respect, show discipline, provide the opportunity to show leadership and give the self confidence needed to help one succeed in life all while learning something new & having fun. I feel Phoenix BJJ Academy has exceeded all of our expectations! We are truly happy to be at a facility that can provide everything we were looking for in taking our sons training to the next level. Thank you Phoenix BJJ & MMA Academy!

Diana & TJ